Counseling, Crisis Management, Onsite Support, and More

Depending on a traveler’s location, access to behavioral health professionals may be limited, if available at all—and even when services are available, language and cultural differences can cause barriers to receiving, and continuing with, care. 

This is why On Call offers flexible access to compassionate, Masters-prepared behavioral health professionals to provide day-to-day mental health and emotional support for travelers. Services are fully customizable and can be integrated with clients’ unique crisis management response procedures for large-scale or multi-victim incidents.  

On Call’s Behavioral Health Services Include:

  • Counseling and Referrals 
  • International Crisis Management  
  • Onsite Crisis Support
  • Onsite Bereavement Support 

For more information regarding On Call's behavioral health services and holistic travel risk management, view our detailed product sheet or contact us today.

On Call’s behavioral health counseling and crisis management services are supported through a partnership with Empathia, an industry leader in providing highly customized, and successful behavioral health and crisis management programs to organizations across the globe.